What is Seattle’s most deadly road?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Blog, Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you walk, drive or bike to your Seattle office every day, you need to be able to get there safely. While most people do not ever imagine anything bad will happen, unfortunately, accidents occur all the time.

One way that you can prevent incidents that often lead to serious injuries is by increasing your awareness of areas that are prone to traffic congestion. While this may be a small solution for a larger infrastructure issue, it is at least one way for individuals to reduce personal risk.

Two fatalities per mile

Seattle is a bustling city, but not all busy roads are the same. One street that is particularly dangerous for drivers, pedestrians and bikers alike is Aurora Avenue. From 2017-2019, there were approximately 2.2 fatal accidents per mile on Aurora. As a result, MoneyGeek analysts determined that it was the state’s deadliest out of 819 Washington roads.

Growing momentum from safety advocates

In response to the danger that the area poses, a group of city community members came together to form the Aurora Reimagined Coalition. Together, along with help from the city of Seattle, the coalition is working to improve the safety of Aurora Avenue. Although there is growing momentum for the needed changes, there is still a significant amount of work to do.

No matter how you get around the Emerald City, traffic safety should be a top priority. Staying aware of local road risks can help you limit personal danger while you are traveling around Seattle.