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At Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., our attorneys are more than legal representatives — we are advocates who use our extensive resources to build strong and compelling cases. Our clients are people who were injured or whose loved ones died as a result of the negligence or misconduct of others. Our Cincinnati lawyers take cases that involve all types of motor vehicles, including autos, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. We also handle matters arising from medical malpractice, defective and dangerous products and all other types of personal injury cases.

To learn more about our firm and how we may help you, contact us online or call our Cincinnati office at 1-513-370-5807. We are available 24/7/365 to take your call and offer free initial consultations to discuss your case.

Our experienced Cincinnati attorneys

Elk & Elk has over 50 years of experience helping clients obtain compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and other costs of an accident, illness or injury. We know what our clients go through as they struggle to return to work, care for an injured child or take care of an elderly loved one. We are dedicated to using the firm's extensive resources to develop a strong case for each client. This allows them to recover as fully as possible, take care of their families and rebuild their lives.

Knowledge and resources characterize our law firm

In addition to our knowledgeable lawyers, we have extensive resources that we use to build strong cases. Not only do we have in-house medical personnel, but we also draw upon a wide network of external medical experts who help juries understand exactly what happened to a client and the impact it has had on his or her life.

A track record that includes large verdicts and settlements

There are lots of attorneys in Cincinnati. Why choose us? Clients choose Elk & Elk to advocate for them in personal injury matters not only because of our experience and resources, but also because we prove, over and over again, that we know how to build cases to win. Our firm has a record of accomplishment that includes some of the highest verdicts and settlements in Ohio. If your baby was injured at birth, you were hit by a semi truck, an elderly loved one was abused in a nursing home or you suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident, we know how to help.

Contact our Cincinnati law firm

For experienced personal injury lawyers who will fight to win you compensation after an injury caused by another's negligence, contact our Cincinnati law firm location. Call us toll free at 1-800-ELK-OHIO (1-800-355-6446) or use our local phone number, 513-370-5807. We also have offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Canton, Toledo, Youngstown and Dayton.

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