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The myriad consequences of a traffic accident

Car accidents are bad news all the way around. They cause property damage and bodily injury and of course a number of fatalities every year on Washington roads.

Other negative consequences include financial impacts that last for years and years.

The impact on insurance rates

A Forbes article reveals how some accidents can cause insurance rates to increase while other accidents will have little impact on a person’s premiums. When the driver of a vehicle causes an accident that results in property damage or bodily injury or death that person’s insurance rates will likely increase. The threshold is usually more than 50% at fault. This will likely result in an insurance rate increase that will last between three to five years in most cases. A few other factors come into play in determining the level of a rate increase:

  • The severity of the accident
  • The person’s driving history
  • The details of the insurance policy

Drivers who wish to avoid an insurance rate increase after an accident should document any proof of the other driver’s fault. This could include a police report or a statement from the other driver’s insurance company.

The impact on a person’s license

The Washington State Department of Licensing lists a number of violations that can result in the suspension of a driving license. While many of these violations do not involve a car accident, a number of them do. A person who causes an accident and is unable to pay damages for any reason could face a license suspension. The same holds true for a driver convicted of a hit and run offense involving an occupied vehicle. Vehicular assault, homicide or manslaughter could also result in a license suspension.

The bottom line is that car accidents bring grief in many ways. Road safety could prevent many problems for drivers.