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Car accidents are a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries

A car accident in Washington can cause several injuries. One of the more severe injuries are those affecting the brain. In fact, car accidents cause more TBIs ranging from mild to severe than any other accident type. 

TraumaticBrainInjury.com states that car accidents account for half of all TBIs reported. The skull is particularly vulnerable in a car accident from objects striking it, the brain striking stationary objects or from the sheer force of the collision. The brain can continue to move inside the skull after the head has stopped movement. 

The most common injuries include brain bruising, brain bleeding and blunt trauma. Some of these injuries can cause lifelong debilitation. Sometimes the TBI occurs not necessarily due to the accident itself but rather the crashworthiness of the vehicle such as a manufacturing defect. 

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center states that not all TBI injuries result in loss of consciousness. The effects of a TBI range from mild to severe. According to the report, car accidents rank second for the highest number of moderate-severe TBI cases. Falls take the top spot for injuries often in older individuals. 

Traveling at high speeds then stopping can result in a closed head injury such as a concussion or brain bleed. The brain collides with the hard skull causing bruising and potential lesions of tissue. The brain can move within the skull rotating causing damage to tissues and blood vessels. 

Open head injuries often result in limited, local injuries. Regardless of the type of TBI the person may have, they should seek medical attention immediately following a crash or as soon as they notice any related symptoms.