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Can you sue a pharmaceutical company for side effects

According to NCBI, after treatment, you may notice that you are experiencing some side effects as a result of the medication you are taking. In such cases, you may file a lawsuit against the manufacturing company if the situation persists. 

You may either file a product liability or a defective product claim. These cases are typically personal injury cases where you need to prove that you got injured due to either improper marketing, life-threatening side effects, or defective manufacturing. 

It is also crucial to show the court that you did not receive enough information from your health care provider and the company on the side effects of the drug. Your lawsuit will lose merit if you got an adequate warning and still went ahead to take the drug. 

It may also help your case to find other people who are also liable for the injuries and are responsible to pay compensatory damages to help you recover. Some of these people include pharmacists, laboratories, sales representatives, and hospitals. 

Fighting against large companies is a huge challenge, especially when you are the plaintiff. It is why you need a class-action lawsuit that will include other victims. 

If the drug is affecting you, there are high chances that there are other people who are affected too. It proves that the issue is wide-reaching and thus may improve your chances of success. However, it would help if you sifted through your case, so you do not end up making a mistake and going to court with a case you have no chance of winning.