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School buses deserve your full attention


The end of summer is an exciting time of year, as parents send their kids back to school. But along with the excitement of purchasing new clothes, the possibility of making new friends and worrying about inevitable scheduling changes, you might feel a little stressed out about how the school year will go.

Mornings can seem especially hurried, as you scramble to get the kids ready and out the door. But as you begin your morning commute to the office, you should prepare to drive safely around buses.

Three tips for sharing the road

Bus drivers complete additional training before transporting children. However, they are not the only ones responsible for providing safety on the road.

There are also some things you can do to increase safety around school buses, which include:

  • Provide additional space. Whether a bus is parked in front of a school building or traveling down the road, the size of the vehicle makes it difficult to get a clear view of what is going on. By providing ample space for a bus, you allow yourself more time to stop. This could prevent you from hitting something (or worse yet, someone) you did not see.
  • Respect the laws. Bus drivers must stop at railroad crossings, and you have to stop when a stop arm is present. Not following the laws designed to keep children safe could result in significant injuries and financial penalties.
  • Use a cautious speed. Buses often travel at a reduced speed – both due to making regular stops and for the safety of the children on board. You need to be prepared for the unexpected, especially since children may not take the time to look both ways as they run out to catch their bus.

Like children, buses could seem unpredictable. However, remaining aware of the potential problems that could result from driving carelessly around school buses can help you increase the chances of the children in your community receiving an education.