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Make sure your child’s helmet is safe this summer

Most bicyclists are aware that they face serious risk in the event of a collision with a much larger vehicle. And that risk only increases if they do not wear a proper helmet to prevent a serious head injury.

However, some recent reports regarding bicycle helmets reveal not only how important it is to wear a helmet, but also to choose the correct one.

Head injuries are some of the most common–and most dangerous–for cyclists

Cyclists face the risk of many injuries while riding. However, they especially face a high risk of sustaining a head injury in any bicycle accident, whether it involves an automobile or not.

They could fall sideways or flip over the handlebars in a serious accident. And without a helmet, cyclists face an even higher risk of sustaining life-changing traumatic brain injuries.

However, Consumer Reports recently reported on some helmets that might not even help protect cyclists in the event of an accident.

Consumer Reports questions safety of three bicycle helmets

Recently, Consumer Reports tested the safety of every brand of bicycle helmets. Out of these helmets, they reported that three helmets were not safe and labeled them “Do Not Buy.” These helmets were:

  • The Bontrager Ballista MIPS
  • The Morpher Flat Folding helmet
  • Woom Kids helmet

The last two helmets did not pass the impact absorption tests–some of the most critical tests that help prevent head injuries in an accident.

What can parents do to protect their children this summer?

Children make up a large population of cyclists, especially during the summertime. But they are often still learning and might even be a little wobbly. Parents can take action and ensure their kids are safe on their bikes this summer by:

  • Doing the research: Research sites like Consumer Reports that inform consumers whether the products passed necessary safety tests or not.
  • Make sure children wear their helmet right: We teach our children right from wrong–and there is a wrong way to wear a helmet. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a helpful guide to help parents ensure their children are properly protected.

Children, as well as cyclists of all ages, must wear a helmet. It is the law here in Seattle. However, parents should ensure that their families have the proper helmets to help keep their families safe this summer.