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Exactly how dangerous are Seattle drivers?


Statistically, Seattle does not have safe drivers. Whether that is because of poorly-maintained roads, decreased visibility or distraction, many people suffer.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you may forget that you take people’s lives into your hands when you shift into gear. And in many cases, other drivers are not the ones who suffer.

What a preliminary report suggests

Typically, more motor vehicle accidents happen during the second half of the year than the first six months. However, according to a Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) preliminary police report, more people have lost their lives or were seriously injured in the first half of this year than in any other year since 2010.

Between January 1 and June 30, 2019, these serious-injury or fatal accidents included:

  • 39 incidents involving a pedestrian and moving vehicle
  • 37 crashes between two moving motor vehicles
  • 15 collisions with a bike and moving vehicle

These situations involved 101 people. One person died while riding a bike. Four people lost their lives while walking. And five others were on a motorcycle or in a car or truck.

While Seattle authorities have a goal of eliminating all traffic-related injuries and deaths by 2030, this year’s preliminary report suggests drivers have quite a bit of improvement to make.

It may be difficult to understand precisely why these accidents happen, although you might agree that drugs, alcohol and a lack of dedicated attention to the road could be major contributing factors. And while regulatory agencies continue to focus on safety improvements throughout the city, remember that if someone’s negligence affects you or your family, you may want to explore your options.