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Be careful about insurance company offers

An insurance company is likely to pay for your hospital bills and other expenses after you become injured in Washington. Does that mean that these companies are on your side? Unfortunately, they might not be acting in your best interest. If you believe that an insurer is looking out for you, this may lead you to settle too early and receive a fraction of what your injuries truly cost you.

At Elk and Elk Co., Ltd., we would like you to remind you that an agent of an insurance company is unlikely to have any obligation to further your interests. In fact, everyone you talk to who is associated with or employed by the opposing party’s insurance company would probably be actively working against your goal of getting compensation for your injuries.

It is a bit counterintuitive at first — insurance agents will probably offer you large sums of cash. They may make you feel like you are getting a special deal. They may even be nice and sympathetic, but the people you talk to are simply the public face of the company. What you do not see is the complex bureaucracy of managers, finance professionals and accountants that all work full time to minimize the costs of the insurance corporation. Please keep in mind that, from their point of view, your settlement would be one of those costs.

Generally, it would be in your best interests to take a look at exactly how much your injuries will cost you, including any hardship or anguish you have suffered as a result of your injury. This process would probably take time, but you should not allow the insurers to take advantage of this. For every tactic these companies use, there is probably a counteraction that can fulfill your immediate needs and secure your long-term future.

We know all of the strategies that insurance companies use to protect their business interests. We are not afraid to stand up to these huge, wealthy companies to further our clients’ interests. We strive to secure the best possible outcome in every injury case we pursue, representing our clients all the way to a court decision when necessary. Please continue on our main website to learn more.