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You can help increase motorcyclist safety from your car


Motorcycle enthusiasts are likely thankful for the warmer weather and sunshine, as they tune up their bikes for summer rides. Most experts agree that riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. However, regardless of what you drive, you need to remember to share the road safely – will all drivers.

Considering Washington State’s rainy climate, few residents (roughly 3%) drive motorcycles. However, 80 bikers died during traffic accidents in 2017, and government agencies are still working to complete crash data statistics from last year. During this summer, when more motorcycle owners will probably be enjoying their bikes, you should think about what you can do to provide safe roadways for all.

How can you safely share the road with motorcycles?

Many times, you might think that a motorcyclist is driving too fast, or that they are being reckless. And in some situations, that may be the case.

However, remember that other drivers’ actions are out of your control, but you are responsible for the choices you make behind the wheel.

Although all motor vehicle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, the chances of fatalities increase when motorcyclists are involved. Thankfully, safety is not completely out of your control; while in the driver’s seat, there are some ways you can maintain your safety, as well as that of drivers around you.

When sharing the road with motorcycles:

  • Drive defensively and remain calm
  • Increase your following distance, especially during inclement weather
  • Double-check your blind spots before turning or changing lanes

Taking control of a motor vehicle is always a tremendous responsibility. And while driving alongside those with less physical protection than you have inside your vehicle, you must be extra cautious to avoid harming others by causing an accident.