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What kind of long-term treatment is necessary for cerebral palsy?

Suffering through the trauma of a birth injury can be a challenge for both the baby and parents. Families expect to welcome healthy babies into their world, but the negligence of medical professionals can put both a child’s and mother’s life at risk during labor.

And unfortunately, many birth injuries, like cerebral palsy, are permanent.

Unexpected birth injuries often require extensive care

It can already be difficult for families to face the reality that their child has a birth injury. But once the shock has passed, there is much more that families must deal with, including long-term care and medical treatment.

There are different kinds of cerebral palsy that result from a birth injury. However, common treatments include:

  • Surgeries to reposition contracted muscles, improve a curved spine or decrease spastic movement
  • Extensive physical therapies to help increase muscle strength and movement
  • Occupational therapy to help children control and hone their motor skills

The brain injuries sustained during birth that result in cerebral palsy often require children to receive life-long treatments.

Medication may also be necessary

Taking medications might also be a life-long reality for children who have cerebral palsy. They often need:

  • Pain medications for muscle or stomach pain
  • Muscle relaxants to reduce spasticity of muscles
  • Anxiety medications to help improve mental health

Even though these medications are meant to help children, they can also have several side effects in addition to the child’s current symptoms.

Treatment includes all the devices a child may need

Children with cerebral palsy often require assistive technology, from wheelchairs to leg braces. Many children also benefit from using computers to communicate.

The additional devices that a child needs depend on their specific symptoms.

Families can recover compensation to help pay for treatment

Medical treatments and assistive devices are not inexpensive. The expenses of surgery, therapies and other treatments can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. And on top of childcare expenses, it can be difficult for Washington families to afford simply caring for their child.

Fortunately, families can pursue compensation if medical negligence caused their child’s cerebral palsy. Families can calculate a life care plan that includes all of their medical costs, care costs and even necessary home modifications to accommodate the child’s abilities and limitations.

Then, they only have to worry about giving their child the care they need instead of worrying about finances and paying for that care.