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Protect your children, and your record, as you light up the sky


With summer comes time to enjoy the great outdoors. No matter how you enjoy your summer vacation with your children, you will probably engage in a variety of activities that can entertain, teach and create lasting memories.

Without an early wakeup call for school, your children will likely stay up later than usual, looking for ways to light up the night. And as your kids start asking you to buy fireworks, you should remember that although they are brilliant and fun to light, they are equally dangerous.

How common are fireworks injuries?

In 2017, eight people reportedly lost their lives due to fireworks. And nearly 13,000 people reported related injuries.

Some injuries happened because people altered the devices or blew something up. However, finger, hand and arm burns are the most common injuries among private consumers who use fireworks. While you may have an interest in setting off fireworks with your children this summer, take note of some safety tips that may minimize your chances of injury.

Increase your chances of enjoying fireworks safely

While public fireworks displays can be exhilarating, they often do not have the same effect at home. And not all fireworks are legal to use in your neighborhood.

If you choose to use these explosive devices:

  • Provide adult supervision
  • Keep them outdoors, away from buildings
  • Wear protective eyewear
  • Keep a water source nearby in case of fire
  • Refrain from using fireworks while consuming alcohol
  • Allow yourself distance after lighting a device

Additionally, adhering to Washington’s fireworks laws can help protect your family – not only from harm but also from trouble with the law.