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Is there anything you can do to increase pool safety?


You probably feel lucky to have a place to cool off during the summer if you have friends or neighbors with a pool. However, while a pool can provide countless days of summer fun, it can also be extremely dangerous.

Everyone’s swimming capabilities vary, and even the most highly-skilled swimmers could potentially struggle with a medical emergency in the water. But you can take certain safety precautions in and around a pool to help increase the chances of your children swimming safely.

3 ways to keep your children safe around pools this summer

Pool safety is especially important since drowning is the leading cause of death among infants and toddlers. But people of any age could get a cramp while swimming, slip and fall into deep water or run out of breath during an underwater contest.

In most cases, trained lifeguards oversee public pools. However, that is not likely the case when you have an opportunity to let your children swim at a friend’s house.

Before allowing your children to get into the water:

  • Establish who will be supervising the children during their swim
  • Review the rules that can keep everyone safe
  • Be sure there is rescue equipment readily available and that someone knows how to use it

You should also be sure that the pool chemicals are stored safely away from children’s access. Water treatment chemicals are a necessary part of killing germs. However, exposure to pool chemicals can be dangerous if you breathe in the fumes or get in the pool too soon after chemically treating the water.

Many kids enjoy pools safely over summer vacation. However, there is a great deal of trust involved in allowing someone else to supervise your children – especially around water. If your child suffers an accident or injury due to someone’s negligence, you might want to explore your options in holding them accountable.