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How much is an average Seattle car crash settlement?

How much your car crash case settlement or judgement would be worth in Seattle would depend on a number of different factors. There is no specific figure that suits every case. The point of the personal injury law system is to make you whole, and the responsible parties should pay you until that happens.

Some of the most common considerations in car accident lawsuits in Washington state courts include the extent of your injuries, the level of negligence of the other party and your non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. Here is a brief description of how each of these could affect the amount of compensation you could potentially secure with diligent negotiation or litigation.

Initial offers may not cover your upcoming bills. As explained by Aurora Health Care, your injuries from a car crash are likely to last a long time, perhaps longer than your case. That is why it is important to consider not only the current challenges you face but also any financial losses you are likely to accrue in the future.

If the other driver was negligent in some way — drunk, texting or otherwise reckless, for example — you could have a better chance of securing larger settlements or court decisions. You do not deserve to bear responsibility for other people’s negligent actions that lead to your injuries.

There are a number of situations that could cause undue pain and suffering for you. For example, if you received burns or were disfigured in some way, the pain and psychological damage may compound your injuries and even slow your healing process.

When your life is disrupted by a car accident, you deserve to be compensated until you are able to put the pieces back together. However, every situation is different. Please do not think of this as any type of legal advice. It is only meant as general background information.