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Final exams and the risk of a car accident

For some people, motor vehicle accidents may be especially likely during certain times. For example, someone who is under a lot of pressure at work may be more likely to collide with another vehicle, and this may also be true for someone who has been experiencing sleep problems. In this blog, we will look at some of the challenges that college students face with regard to final exams and discuss preventative measures as well as legal options that may be available following a wreck.

Final exams can make daily life incredibly stressful for a college student who may be worried about how their performance will impact their studies and many may even worry about failing a class. This stress in and of itself can make an accident more likely, and it may also lead to other challenges (such as having a hard time sleeping at night, abusing prescription medication, drinking and so on). College students who are under a great deal of pressure due to exams may be more likely to become distracted on the road and even exhibit aggressive behavior while driving.

Even if you are not in college, this may affect you if you are struck by a college student, especially if you live near a university. Moreover, you may be involved in a car crash right before your exams, which could make it difficult for you to continue your studies. Those who have been struck by careless drivers should take a look at their legal options, and it may be helpful to file suit. Contact our Seattle car accident lawyers today for a free case evaluation.