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Fiery crash near border kills man

When car accidents occur in Seattle, it is likely understood that those who cause them typically had no intention to do so. Even in cases were recklessness is apparent, those guilty of it may never have intended for their actions to cause harm to another. Some may see that lack of intent as reasoning to not prosecute those who cause accidents any further. While that argument may apply in a criminal case, accident victims may be left with little choice but to bring a civil action in hopes of earning compensation. Such action typically is not motivated by vindictiveness, but rather the need for help dealing with the devastating results a car accident can produce.

The potential extent of such devastation was on full display in an accident involving a local man that took place just north of the U.S.-Canadian border. Witnesses say that the man drive his SUV full speed into a minivan, pushing the vehicle over 200 off the road before it burst into flames. Motorists nearby ran to provide aid, and were able to pull the driver of the SUV from this vehicle. The driver of the minivan, however, perished as his vehicle went up in flames. The driver of the SUV (who hails from Washington) as arrested by local authorities, yet no new has been released detailing the charges he may face.

People at the scene claim that the driver of the SUV appeared distraught over his actions, indicating a sense of remorse. While such remorse may be appreciated in cases like this, it may not erase the need accident victims have for compensation. Such compensation may be more easily earned if one has the assistance of a Seattle car accident attorney to rely on.