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Understanding your risk of medical malpractice

Because you trust that your health care provider in Washington will effectively diagnose you and provide customized treatment, it can be unnerving to hear stories about people who have been the victim of a costly medical error at the hands of their doctor. At Elk + Elk, we are committed to providing people with education about the dangers of medical malpractice and helping victims in their quest to seek compensation.

The term, “medical malpractice” can be used for a variety of different mistakes that doctors are at risk of making. Your awareness can help you to adequately prepare for your appointments with your health care provider and also enlighten you to what you can do to advocate for your safety and protect yourself when it is time to seek medical assistance. Azbigmedia.com suggests that there are five common types of medical malpractice. These include the following:

  • Delayed treatment after you have received a diagnosis, but under the illusion that you are being referred to a specialist or follow up care will be given, the treatment you need is withheld and subsequently puts you at risk of further injury.
  • Medical devices that you have been given to assist with your recovery have malfunctioned or ceased from working altogether, thus compromising your safety.
  • Mistakes are made during a surgery that leaves you in a compromised state or suffering ongoing health complications.
  • Inadequate attention is given to the birth of your child and ultimately leaves you or your newborn baby with birth-related injuries.
  • A misdiagnosis wastes critical time as you continue to suffer in search of answers to your discomfort.

Addressing each of these issues and being prepared to protect yourself is made easier when you understand the behaviors that define medical malpractice. For more information about medical negligence, visit our web page.