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Common indicators of a birth injury

Many birth injuries are severe and immediately recognizable. For example, both physicians and parents alike could identify whether a baby has broken bones or muscle-related injuries if the child cannot move easily after birth.

However, some birth injuries are not always so apparent. Symptoms of a birth injury could appear after parents have brought their child home from the hospital. They could even emerge years later. Here is an overview of common symptoms that could indicate a child suffered a birth injury.

Early symptoms

Younger infants suffering from birth injuries could exhibit symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty eating or swallowing
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Excessive vomiting

It is critical to remember that different birth injuries have different symptoms. Not all of the symptoms in this list will correspond with every birth injury. A child might portray a combination of these symptoms or none at all. They might also experience other health issues, including consistent fevers, irregular weight gain and constipation.

Later signs of a birth injury

Various books describe a child’s physical and mental development in their early months and years. Generally, children should reach different milestones at different ages.

If a child does not meet these milestones, it could be a sign that they suffered a birth injury. They could also point to developmental disabilities. However, developmental disabilities are often an effect of birth injuries as well.

So, some symptoms of a birth injury later in a child’s development include:

  • Slow muscle development
  • Difficulty crawling or walking
  • No babbling or speaking
  • Lack of motor skill development
  • Slow intellectual development

These milestones can be some of the most helpful indicators of whether a child suffered a birth injury or not.

Symptoms are not always enough proof

While symptoms are essential indicators of birth injuries, they do not often provide enough evidence for a birth injury claim alone. A trusted physician can evaluate the symptoms and confirm whether they resulted from a birth injury.