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What Washington cities have the most distracted drivers?


In the United States, distracted drivers are everywhere. While many states have banned texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving, it remains a problem.

In Washington, drivers are not allowed to use hand-held cell phones while driving or stopped at a stoplight or stop sign. Drivers can, however, use hands-free devices while driving. They can also use a single touch to begin operating the phone.

Do Washington’s distracted driving laws make drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safer? That may be difficult to determine. According to a 2018 study by QuoteWizard, an insurance comparison website, Washington drivers were ranked the 10th worst in the country.

When it comes to distracted driving, there were 11,504 accidents involving distracted driving in Washington in 2017 – 87 of those ended in fatalities. Despite laws banning most cell phone use while driving, Washington still sees a lot of distracted driving-related accidents.

Which cities in Washington have the most distracted drivers? QuoteWizard analyzed census data and data from the Washington State Department of Transportation to determine the 50 cities with the most distracted drivers. Here are the top 10:

· Edmonds

· SeaTac

· Tacoma

· Lakewood

· Everett

· Lynnwood

· Mountlake Terrace

· Bellevue

· Bothell

· Seattle

Distracted driving occurs all over Washington, but is especially problematic in these cities.

What can drivers do to reduce their risk of being involved in a distracted driving-related accident?

· Stop distracted driving: It may sound obvious, but many drivers who are opposed to distracted driving still engage in the behavior. If you’re sending text messages at stop lights, or only talking on your phone while driving in rural areas – you’re still distracted driving. A zero-tolerance approach is the only safe approach.

· Practice defensive driving: You can’t stop other drivers from using their phones while driving, but you can prepare for the possibility that you will encounter distracted drivers on the road. Preparing for the unexpected – a driver crossing the center lane or failing to stop for a stop sign – can help drivers avoid potential collisions.

Every driver in Washington has a responsibility to drive safe and refrain from distracted driving.