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The Role of a Witness in a Car Accident

When people are involved in a car accident in Washington, they may provide conflicting reports of what happened during the events that led to the collision. While investigators use a variety of means to identify who is at fault including the use of evidence and crash reconstruction, there may still be some gray areas in finding out exactly what happened.

The Value of a Witness

Witnesses can play a valuable role in protecting the people who were involved in the accident, as well as in aiding the authorities in identifying who to charge with causing the wreck. According to Geico, witnesses should offer aid once they have made sure it is safe to do so. They can assist by calling 911, verifying that the victims are okay and providing authorities with information about what they may have seen before the accident occurred.

If people are in a car accident and are aware that witnesses saw the whole thing unfold, Progressive suggests that they collect not only the information of the other driver(s) who were involved in the crash but also the names and contact information of the witnesses. This information can be valuable to them as they work through the aftermath of their accident and are provided with information about who is at fault.

Contact Authorities Immediately

As soon as people recognize that someone else is driving erratically or has broken a traffic law that is endangering others, it is wise for them to pull over and immediately contact authorities to report the vehicle. They should provide information including their location, the direction the driver was headed, his or her license plate number and what behavior they are engaging in that is dangerous. If you have been injured, contact our