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Plastic surgeon’s license revoked after malpractice claims

When people in Washington seek the help of a licensed plastic surgeon, they usually spend considerable time researching doctors who they feel will be able to accomplish their objectives in a manner that is safe and effective. While many health care professionals highlight patient safety as a primary concern, there are some that would rather make a quick buck at the expense of their patients’ wellbeing.

In a recent case out of New York, a renowned plastic surgeon who has performed procedures on multiple television stars has lost his license under intense scrutiny about his poor practicing habits. An alarming investigation revealed that the doctor was slammed with over a dozen malpractice claims in the last 5 years of practicing. In a complaint filed as recently as a few weeks ago, a woman claimed the procedure he performed on her was so painful that she screamed throughout the harrowing ordeal. At one point, she claims he made a comment about how difficult she was being and joked about stabbing her.

People who filed previous lawsuits against the doctor told similar stories of painful processes and a recovery that was incomplete and resulted in a marred appearance. After an investigation was conducted, officials decided to revoke the doctor’s license and he is no longer allowed to practice. However, when a phone number belonging to his office was contacted, it appeared as though he was still taking appointments. If he tries to keep practicing in New York, he could be facing federal consequences, but he remains licensed in five other states.

If people have been injured because of a negligent health care provider, they may wish to hire an attorney. Legal professionals can help to establish a claim by presenting evidence in a manner that is persuasive and compelling. For more information, contact a Seattle medical malpractice lawyer at Elk & Elk Co., Ltd.