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Distracted driving blamed for accident that killed woman

When people get in their car to drive somewhere in Washington, they take on the responsibility to drive safely and follow the rules to protect themselves and their passengers. However, they cannot control the actions of other drivers who may not be paying as much attention to the critical task of driving. In unfortunate incidents where people are the victims of another person’s negligence, it can be extra challenging to grasp the situation when it appears to have been entirely preventable.

This is precisely the challenge that a family in Wisconsin is facing after their family member, a 22-year-old pregnant mother, was killed in a violent collision caused by another driver who was distracted at the time of the incident. The woman’s car was plowed into by a man suspected of being on his phone, while she sat stopped at an intersection. The impact killed both the woman and her unborn child and landed the man behind bars awaiting sentencing.

Much to the family’s dismay, the man received only a misdemeanor for reckless driving because there was a lack of evidence to support that he was indeed using his phone. However, the woman’s family points to the seriousness of the incident in stating their dissatisfaction that a more severe consequence was not given.

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