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Are C-section more dangerous for the baby?

Many women have to undergo a Caesarean section when they are in labor in Washington. Even though it is a major surgical procedure, doctors do it often enough that is has become routine. However, this does not mean it is without risks. Before you undergo a C-section, it is a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with the risks it could pose for your baby.

According to Live Science, one of the main risks comes from the fact that during a C-section, the baby’s body is not compressed as would happen during a vaginal birth. This compression helps to expel fluids from the baby’s lungs. Since this does not happen in a C-section, a baby may have greater risks for breathing issues. It also increases the chances your child will have asthma. A C-section also increase the risks for stillbirth. During the incision, the baby may also get nicked or cut by the scalpel, although this is very rare.

There is one last link between health of the baby and a C-section. However, there is not a lot of data to back this up. C-section births have links to obesity later in life. One prevailing theory, though, is the mother’s own obesity or diabetes may be the cause instead of the C-section itself.

There are risks during labor and delivery no matter how you give birth. A C-section is basically as risky as a vaginal birth, so even though these risks may seem scary, doctors prepare for them and know how to react to limit the risks of a C-section delivery. This information is for education and is not legal advice.