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Lawsuit against doctor who treated Prince is refiled

When doctors in Washington are cleared to begin practicing without the guidance and direction of instructors and industry professionals, they are entrusted to take their education, skills and experience to help their patients overcome symptoms and regain health. However, in some unfortunate circumstances, health care providers are unable to stand up to this requirement and may end up facilitating the injury or death of their patients. Often, this is due to miscommunication, fatigue or even blatant ignorance.

In a case that has made national headlines, the family of famed singer Prince, filed a negligence lawsuit against the doctor and other health care professionals who treated him in the time leading up to his death. The singer’s death was ruled as an accidental overdose to the drug Fentanyl. The family claims that the doctor was aware of the singer’s addiction to opioids, but did nothing to circumvent his habits which ultimately led to his death.

Evidence was found that supported the fact that the doctor was aware that prescription drugs that were supplied to one of Prince’s bodyguards would ultimately end up with Prince, but he issued the prescription anyway. The lawsuit was initially issued in a different county, but was dismissed. Recently, Prince’s family reissued the lawsuit in the county where the singer’s death took place.

If people have been injured because of the negligence of their health care provider, they may receive needed assistance from a medical malpractice attorney. A legal professional has the resources and experience to help people in creating a case that will give them the best chance at getting the compensation they deserve.

Source: Springfield News-Sun, “Prince family moves suit against doctor to where he died,” Sept. 12, 2018