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Education may help to prevent premature labor

While there are undoubtedly times when women in Washington are completely unable to control the fact that they go into labor well before their due date, there are many things that can be done to actively prevent preterm labor. When women are educated about how they can facilitate a full-term and healthy pregnancy, they can provide their unborn infant with the best possible chance at enjoying a safe and comfortable pregnancy and delivery. 

According to Parenting.com, one of the first and most impactful preventative measures that pregnant women can take to protect their unborn child is to do their research in finding the highest quality prenatal care. From the moment a woman discovers that she is expecting a baby, she should work closely with a professional who understands pregnancy and childbirth. Together, with their trusted health care provider, they can implement measures that work with their individual needs and the conditions of the pregnancy. 

Women looking to become educated on other ways that they can prevent preterm labor may benefit from the suggestions provided by U.S. News including the following:

  • They should begin pregnancy with as healthy a body as possible. 
  • They should eliminate harmful behaviors including smoking and drinking. 
  • They should take preventative measures such as getting a flu shot. 
  • They should closely follow the suggestions and instructions of their OB-GYN.

Efforts should also be made by pregnant women to stay active and be aware of their bodies so as not to engage in any behavior that could put themselves or their unborn baby at risk of suffering preventable injuries.