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Patients can facilitate the path to a correct diagnosis

When a person reaches the point where discomforting symptoms are starting to interfere with their ability to do their job, get rest and feel well, one of the first things they do is contact their health care provider in Washington in search of a solution. The first step in getting treatment is for a doctor to diagnose their condition and based off of their findings, recommend a treatment plan that will hopefully abolish any remaining symptoms.

While doctors have undergone extensive educational training to prepare to make diagnoses, there are times when they make an incorrect assumption based off of having received vague or incorrect information or misunderstanding the person’s symptoms. In fact, there are even times when doctors may confuse patients or not listen well enough to the description of what is being experienced before making an incorrect diagnosis. 

Fortunately, patients have the power to facilitate the path to receiving a thorough and correct diagnosis. According to Consumer Reports, patients should prioritize their diagnosis and be insistent on receiving answers before they depart from their appointment. They can benefit from having done a bit of their own research and coming prepared with questions to ask. Bringing a trusted friend or family member to join them can also be a worthwhile tool in preventing miscommunication. Once a diagnosis is made, patients should monitor how they feel and make sure that their progress matches the description provided by their doctor. Finally, if tests are given, patients should be proactive about getting the results and understanding the outcome. 

The Washington Post suggests that shockingly, fatalities in the United States that are related to medical errors are now one of the top causes of death.