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What is a nuchal cord?

Having a baby is a wonderful time, but it can also be scary if you are told something is wrong with your baby. A great fear for many mothers is that the cord will get wrapped around the baby’s neck and cut off the oxygen supply. When the cord wraps completely around a baby’s neck, it is referred to as a nuchal cord, according to Medical News Today.

A nuchal cord is not actually as scary or as bad as it seems, especially if the doctor is aware of the condition. It is a common occurrence in reality. Babies who move a lot are more at risk of this condition. It often will resolve on its own before birth, leaving no issues with delivery. However, your doctor should monitor the baby and the cord once the condition is diagnosed. If it has not resolved by delivery, the doctor should monitor it during labor.

In some cases, if your baby has a nuchal cord, you may have to have a c-section. However, many natural births can be done safely even in this situation. The key is to watch the baby’s heart rate and to ensure oxygen supply is not cut off at any point during pregnancy, labor or delivery.

In most cases, a nuchal cord is nothing to worry about. If you trust your doctor and he or she is conducting proper pre-natal care, then the chances are very low that the issue will cause your baby any problems. This information is for education and is not legal advice.