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What will happen if your baby is injured during delivery?

You and your spouse are expecting your first child and the anticipation and excitement of having a new baby is becoming more prevalent as your delivery day is fast approaching. You have found a doctor and hospital that you trust in Washington and all of your bags are packed and ready to go. However, there is always the lingering concern that something could happen to you or your baby during delivery. If your baby is injured, what will happen?

In a majority of cases of infant delivery, things go seamlessly well and you will leave the hospital with a healthy and happy baby. However, it is important to understand what will happen if a situation escalates quickly so you can have some reassurance during any moments of chaos. According to babycenter.com, once your baby has been safely delivered, he or she will be assessed and assisted in learning to breathe and acclimate to the outside world.

In some cases, your baby may require additional assistance or further observation to guarantee that his or her health is not compromised. When this happens, your baby will be placed on a warming table to replicate the womb he or she just came from. Hospital staff will conduct their observation and conclude whether or not your infant requires further intervention. If this is the case, you will be informed and your baby will begin receiving additional treatment immediately. If your baby checks out, he or she will be wrapped and handed off to you so you can begin bonding and enjoying the presence of your brand-new baby. 

The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.