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Breakdowns in communication create malpractice hazards

When the time comes for people in Washington to seek medical treatment for persistent symptoms they are experiencing, they rely heavily on the experience and knowledge of their health care provider to give them a thorough assessment and corresponding treatment plan. However, there are times when mistakes can happen that in serious cases, can greatly endanger the life of an unknowing patient.

In a survey that was given where victims of doctor errors were questioned on their reasoning for filing a lawsuit, their responses for why they did so was particularly interesting. Among the reasons why they sought legal action included the desire to hold their health care provider responsible, the interest in hearing an explanation for why the mistake occurred, the desire to help protect other patients from the same mistake in the future and the quest to receive deserved compensation for injuries sustained.

Studies have shown that a large reason why medical errors happen is because there is a breakdown of communication between doctors and their patients. Preventing this from happening is a responsibility of both the patient and the doctor. Health care providers should use their knowledge coupled with listening skills to understand their patient’s needs before recommending a diagnosis.

If people have been the victims of a medical error, getting compensation for the consequences they are facing can be difficult without the help of an attorney. Fortunately, a legal professional understands how to organize facts to create a cohesive argument that documents why the need for compensation is valid and necessary. Contact our Seattle medical malpractice attorneys today for more information.

Source: The National Law Review, “Preventing Malpractice Claims and Strengthening the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Cultural Competence,” Jun 6, 2018