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Car crashes and anxiety

There are many aspects of motor vehicle wrecks to take into consideration, such as the financial consequences of a crash (property damage, lost wages, and medical costs, among others) and the physical repercussions of an accident (broken bones, lacerations, etc.). However, there are other hardships victims endure following these wrecks, such as depression and anxiety. Moreover, anxiety may even play a role in a motor vehicle collision happening in the first place.

A traffic crash can generate anxiety for many reasons. Some people worry about their future, whether a permanent disability has disrupted their life or a temporary disability has resulted in serious changes, such as the loss of income due to an injury. Moreover, people may develop anxiety because they worry about litigation, whether they are unsure of their ability to hold a negligent driver responsible or have never been to court before.

At the same time, anxiety can also cause a motor vehicle collision. Someone who is suffering from anxiety may have trouble sleeping, which could lead to drowsy driving. Or, someone with anxiety may be more likely to take medication that results in intoxicated driving. There are many considerations with respect to anxiety and it is important for people to focus on preventing crashes and properly addressing an accident in the event that one does take place.

Regrettably, accidents will continue to cause anxiety and disrupt the lives of innocent people in the weeks ahead. Visit our auto accident page to view more material on traffic crash injuries.