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The best things to do if you are in a car accident

While you may never like to entertain the thought of what would happen to you if you were involved in a car accident, chances are the thought has crossed your mind at some point. Understanding the best steps to take in dangerous situations like a car accident, is actually quite helpful to give you an added measure of confidence when you are in a high-stressed and chaotic predicament. At Elk & Elk, our Seattle personal injury lawyers understand the risks that motorists face while on the road, and have been able to successfully help many Washington car accident victims.

According to Geico, there are some important actions you should take immediately following your involvement in a car accident. These include the following:

  • Get to safety: If possible, maneuver your vehicle to a safe location on the shoulder of the road. If you are unable to move your vehicle, turn your hazard lights on and do your best to move away from other cars.
  • Stabilize your car: If your vehicle is a threat to your safety, try and stabilize it to avoid causing further damage and harm to yourself and others.
  • Call 911: Immediately contact emergency personnel and provide a detailed description of your location and the vehicles that are involved.
  • Provide medical assistance: Check on other victims of the accident and try to secure their safety. Often, you can work with 911 operators to receive suggestions for how to help victims who are critically injured until help arrives.
  • Work with authorities: Provide a detailed statement about what happened when asked by authorities. You should also be forthcoming with any contact information to guarantee you are able to stay informed about the accident investigation.

By ensuring the safety of you and your passengers, stabilizing your vehicle and calling 911, helping hurt victims and providing contact information, you can avoid making critical errors in the minutes after you have been involved in a car accident. For more information about preventing motor vehicle accidents, visit our web page.