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What you should know about birth injuries

The anticipation of the birth of your new child should be exciting and full of learning and adventure. However, these feelings can be instantaneously replaced with fear and anxiety if your child is the victim of a birth injury at the hands of your health care provider in Washington. At Elk & Elk Co,, Ltd., we are familiar with the complications that can sometimes arise during childbirth.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, a birth injury is also known as birth trauma. These physical injuries can create complications for your baby as he or she grows. Common birth injuries include cranial bleeding, collarbone fractures, nerve injuries to the face, bruising or swelling of the baby’s head, nerve damage in the limbs and broken blood vessels in the baby’s eyes.

If certain factors are present during your pregnancy or the birth of your child, the chances of your baby receiving a birth injury are significantly increased. These factors include the following:

  • You experience a prolonged and/or traumatic labor.
  • You have to deliver via cesarean section.
  • Your baby is premature at birth.
  • You are overweight.
  • Your birth canal and/or pelvis are too small for a safe vaginal delivery.
  • Your doctor has to use medical devices like forceps, to help the baby out.

Other contributing factors include if your baby is abnormally large or is breech at the time of birth. Being familiar with birth injuries can help you be better prepared for the delivery of your child. You can find more information about medical malpractice on our web page.