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Taking control of your birthing experience

Whether you are delivering your first child or preparing to give birth to your third or fourth child, chances are you have felt some feelings of apprehension. As with many Washington parents, the health and safety of you and your infant is heavily reliant on the knowledge, education and professionalism of your health care provider. At Elk & Elk, we are familiar with the complications that sometimes accompany birth.

In an article released by Psychology Today, readers are provided with suggestions of questions to ask their labor and delivery doctor or team. Not only can addressing such concerns alleviate stress and fear of the unknown, but it can encourage your health care provider to be vigilant and forthright as they are aware of your personal standards for medical care. Some of these questions include:

  • What protocol should I follow if and/or when my water breaks?
  • What is your C-section rate? How does it compare with the hospital’s average?
  • Do you have limits on when, how and under what conditions an epidural can be given?
  • Are episiotomies common in your deliveries?
  • Who will be delivering my baby?
  • What is your stance on inductions?

Other questions may address how your health care provider will react in emergency situations and whether or not your baby will be treated on-site or transported to another facility if difficulties are encountered. You can also ask about your health care provider’s feelings and recommendations for natural childbirth and whether or not he or she works with midwives or doulas.

Your decision to be proactive about asking questions and working with a reputable health care provider can greatly reduce the probability of dealing with birth injuries and complications. Visit our web page for more information about medical malpractice.