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Car crashes into guardrail critically injuring Washington man

While there are many cautious and rule-abiding drivers in Washington, everyone is still at risk of injury when others’ actions are negligent or careless. Debilitating consequences, injury and even death can cause heartache and pain for every person involved including the family members of the victims.

This is exactly what happened to one Washington man when he was the passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a serious car crash. It was discovered that the female driver of the car was intoxicated when she careened into a guardrail on state Route 18 near Black Diamond Road. The man sustained serious injuries and another passenger, a 17-year-old male, was also injured. His condition is still unknown.

Investigators found that the vehicle had significant damage to both the front end and the roof. The woman who was driving the car received a large cut to her face and was treated at a local hospital. After authorities determined she was driving while intoxicated, they took her into custody on charges of vehicular assault.

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Source: Komonews.com, “Man seriously injured after car careens into guardrail,” June 25, 2017