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Understanding placental abruption

A mother suffering from a placental abruption in Washington requires medical attention right away. It is an emergency situation that needs immediate and quick care. Baby Center defines placental abruption as the detachment of the placenta from the uterus. The placenta is how the baby is nourished in the womb, so any disruption in it can lead to nourishment issues in the baby. For the mother, detachment can lead to bleeding and physical discomfort.

This condition is serious because it carries a risk of death for the mother and baby. It often happens after 20 weeks of pregnancy with most cases occurring in the last trimester. Doctors care is needed for this condition and should be sought as soon as it becomes apparent something is wrong.

How a doctor will treat a mother with placental abruption depends on the severity of the condition and how far along the pregnancy is. In most cases, a mother close to term will simply be induced and the baby will be delivered, typically by C-section to prevent further complications. Those mothers who are earlier in their pregnancy may be put on bed rest, but in severe cases, they baby will need to be delivered for the best possible chance at survival.

The Mayo Clinic outlines the symptoms of placental abruption. They include back or abdominal pain, bleeding, contractions and tenderness. Sometimes the abruption is gradual, so mothers may only have spotting, but the doctor should be able to diagnose the condition due to the baby not gaining weight as it should.