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Nighttime driving poses a danger to motorists

In Washington and in other states across the country, many motorists continue to fill the roadways even after the sun has set. People are busy traveling to and from work, going out with friends and running errands. What many people may not know is that their chances of being killed in a serious motor vehicle accident is higher at night than it is during the day.

The National Safety Council reported that three times more people are killed in car accidents at night than they are during the day. There are several factors that may explain this devastating statistic. First, drivers experience decreased vision while traveling at night. The reduction in natural light can make it difficult for people to perceive the distance and speed of approaching vehicles. The darkness can also cause headlight blindness, which occurs when drivers look directly into the bright headlights of an approaching vehicle.

The second factor leading to increased nighttime fatalities involves the rise of drunk drivers at night. Whether people meet at the bar after work and have too much to drink or are at dinner with friends and inadvertently become intoxicated, there are more drunk drivers on the road at night.

Finally, distracted driving combined with a reduction of natural light can spell disaster for people trying to navigate the dark roadways. Distracted drivers may not see objects in the road, pedestrians or traffic signals, especially in the darkness.

Drivers can limit their risk of being killed in a car accident by staying consistently alert and aware of what is going on. If motorists are prepared for dangerous and negligent drivers, they may be able to react accordingly and avoid a catastrophic accident. For more information, contact our Seattle personal injury lawyers today.