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When teen drivers are distracted

Distracted driving is increasingly an issue in car and truck accidents on the roads around you in Washington, and the problem is particularly pervasive among teen drivers. While the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that teens already face the highest risk of crashing of any age group in the nation, Elk & Elk knows that distracted driving behaviors further enhance the risk of an accident, placing you and everyone else on the roadway in danger.

To figure out exactly what tends to distract teen drivers, the study filmed inside about 1,700 vehicles for about six seconds immediately preceding crashes. The most common distraction ahead of crashes was shown to be other passengers, although as you may expect, cellphone use and other in-vehicle distractions were not far behind. While such distractions have the potential to distract you regardless of your age, teen drivers tend to be more inexperienced, and this factor alone can cause accidents that more experienced drivers may be able to avoid.

For example, a teen is more likely to rear-end you if he or she is distracted by something inside or outside of his or her vehicle. A teen driver, may, too, be more likely to strike you due to running a red light, drifting into your lane or making a similar maneuver as a result of being distracted.

Washington does, however, have certain laws in place that are intended to reduce your likelihood of getting involved in a distracted driving-related crash with a teen motorist. In addition to facing restrictions regarding when and with whom they can drive, new drivers under 18, too, are prohibited from using mobile devices behind the wheel, including cellphones. For additional causes of dangerous driving behaviors among all age groups, contact our Seattle car accident lawyers today.